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Biedata offers 1 hour of free consultancy for all IDA members.

Do you want to grow your business and avoid wasting your money on ineffective marketing? Book 1 hour of free consultancy and learn how you can use your own marketing data to create growth - without being a data expert yourself.

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How can Biedata help you?

See if your ads are worth the money

We create an overview of the value of all your marketing campaigns.

Always updated CAC and marketing ROI

See your current CAC and marketing ROI, and improve them with data insights.

Discover where you can increase your success most easily

We track the entire customer journey and show you where you can increase your success rate.

What can we do for you?

As a member of IDA we offer you 1 hour of free consultancy on how you can leverage your marketing data to create growth. We take departure in your needs, whether it is a concrete issue, help with Google Analytics, or if you want us to find low-hanging fruit you can execute on today to increase growth.

Examples of what we can help with

  1. Understand the data in Google Analytics
  2. Crash course in how you build a successful inbound lead motor
  3. Understand where your customers are coming from and why they are not purchasing

Discount on our Biedata solutions

All IDA members are eligible to our "3 for 1" discount. Where you get 3 powerful dashboards for the price of 1, 1.500 kr./mth. only 800 kr./mth.

Biedata solutions

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Companies we have helped

We find the data that creates growth

Biedata shows you the data you need to grow your company, without you having to be a data expert. We connect, clean, sets up and tailors all your marketing data and presents it as dashboards that are easy to understand. Get an overview of the relevant insights that will enable you to make the right decisions and create growth.

Get started easily

Biedata is created to help busy entrepreneurs gain access to data tracking and performance insights that would usually only be possible with help from developers and experts. With Biedata everyone can understand their own data and get the most important insights presented so that you can make decisions that create growth.

  1. Tell us what you want to achieve
  2. We set up and clean the data
  3. You get a data dashboard with insights you can execute on

Process engineer turned marketing specialist

In Biedata we have gathered 15 years of experience with creating marketing success based on data, statistics and technical optimization. I have myself a Master degree as a product engineer and I started my career working as a product developer. For the past 5 years have I been with my own company Towoo Aps. Where We work exclusively with evidence-based marketing, which is why our marketing team includes specialists such as marketing experts, developers, UX-designers and engineers. We work with marketing as a technical discipline where we analyze the entire customer journey from discovery to purchasing, across all platforms and campaigns.

We have helped Danish companies such as Økologisk Landsforening, FOSS Analytical and Gorms Pizzakæde. We are also amongst the few Danish companies that have been approved as Facebook App Developers.

Dirketør Andreas Bergstrand
Call 25942720 to book a meeting with Andreas H. Bergstrand, founder, engineer, and data specialist

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We will call you within 24 hours